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Seven Minutes in Heaven

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Seven Minutes in Heaven

a projector game by Drotleyes


Seven Minutes in Heaven: a co-op projector platformer

You and your love have just 7 minutes in heaven together – but heaven is full of invisible walls, and just one of you has the maps. As the Rorschach rooms are held up to the projections, examine them carefully: they will reveal to you the fate of your short-lived romantic rendezvous. If you can work through your arguments and fumble awkwardly together through the messy halls of heaven, you just might enjoy the pleasures of a few last seconds in each other’s company.

Love takes a lot of thought, conversation, and platforming—no one said it would be easy.

Coming Soon: Seven Minutes in Hell: where we introduce shadow puppets.



A team of three game designers, friends, and avid admirers of Yu-Gi-Oh! character design.