Game Designer

She Said She Said

She Said She Said is an audio expression of women’s experiences, and the experiences of marginalized women in particular. It is a curated set of stories that women shared with me over the course of game creation taken and consolidated into short, direct phrases. It was initially programmed in a DJ program, using looping triggers to repeat and layer whispering voices. We have since worked to recreate that effect using a more traditional programming language.

Its intent is to examine overt racism, sexism, transphobia, and homophobia but in addition to address more subtle and often overlooked micro-aggressions. The game is intentionally extremely confrontational, asking players to take the position of both the aggressor and the target of those aggressions in turn. It was made by a three person team: Allison Cole and Zachary Miller of Tweed Couch Games and guest artist Mattias Graham.