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Lead Designer, Sep 2014- Present, Tweed Couch Games
Led work on several games. This included creative direction, programming, sound design, art direction, and narrative design. Tweed Couch Games’ work has been featured in major media outlets and selected for festivals world-wide.

Professor of Game Design, Sep 2017- May 2018, Sheridan College
Contributed to Department Program Review, developed a curriculum for foundations of game design classes. Reviewed applicant art portfolios. Gave consistent design feedback for student improvement.

Instructor of Game Design, Jan 2015- May 2017, New York University
Instructed students in game design and adapted game literacy curriculum to students’ needs. Motivated students to succeed on standardized evaluations and engaged students through novel approach to game literacy.

mLab Coordinator, Aug 2013- Aug 2015, mLab (Concordia University)
Supervised initial lab setup. Spearheaded all web design and social media Developed office budge. Supervised all HR and payroll. Supported daily operations of the office.

Cultural Host, Dec 2011- Sep 2012, Walt Disney World
Interacted with a consistent and abundant positive energy. Created memorable experiences, maintaining guest immersion and Disney brand.

Conference Coordinator, Oct 2010- Dec 2011, Canadian Center for Gender and Sexual Diversity
Organized CCGSD conferences and events, including conferences, awareness days, and an annual fundraising gala. Implemented filing system for management of online orders. Created logistic plan for continued execution of conferences.

<Profile Transmission>
I’m a passionate storyteller with experience in an eclectic array of media, and a strong history of logistic management. With years of experience designing stories through digital media, live events, theme park hosting, and role play design. I am an artist known for bringing a thoughtful design lens to everything I do. If you’re looking for someone that can fabricate a unique video game controller but also has enough admin experience that she gets excited when a complicated spreadsheet data merges just right, you’ve found her.

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New York University, MFA
Interactive Game and Media Design

Algonquin College, Graduate Certificate
Event Management

Concordia University, BA

You know what aye think? Bubbles are evolutionary. They kill excess, lean out the heard, but they are never completely destroyed. They just come back in different forms and when they burst they give light to a new day, always creating change. Ewe wanna know what the mother of all bubbles was? Us. The human race. Scientists call it the Cambrian Explosion, from the Cambrian fauna.
— James Moore